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Weight Reduction

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# Stop Smoking
# Stress Control
# Weight Control
# Sleep Soundly
# Alleviate Anxiety
# Increase Self-Confidence
# Confidence in Social Situations
# Attracting the Right Partner
# Confident Public speaking
# Overcome Worry & Doubt
# Stop Procrastinating
# Control Anger and Stress
# Tap into your Creative Abilities

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Practising daily affirmations will have a steadily increasing effect upon

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2 The way you feel
3 The way you behave……

as your thoughts BECOME your reality!

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# Self Confidence
# Abundance & Wealth
# Professional Success
# Achieving Goals
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Experience HOW hypnotherapy can make a difference in your life and get you back in control.
Individual sessions or order your Hypnotherapy Weight Reduction CD NOW!

In our central brain is a small area which regulates the biochemistry of our body and controls the amount of fat we store in our body…
You can influence your subconscious mind through Hypnotherapy and safely alter the control of your appetite.
A relaxed state will do miracles for you both physically and mentally by attending this program.
Best of all you will start developing eating habits that can keep you slim for life!

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# Weight Reduction
A great successful alternative - a totally different approach to Weight Control. After being safely guided into a very deep state of complete mental and physical relaxation, you will be given suggestions to release any need or desire for carbohydrates or fatty foods, wanting to eat smaller amounts of healthy food instead. Exercise or dieting is not the main issue, but the desire to make lasting lifestyle changes re-inforced by hypnotherapy.

# Motivation and Personal Success
Get motivated and increase self confidence! Feel your self confidence grow, every time you listen to this powerful CD. After being guided into a deeply relaxed and receptive state absorb the post hypnotic suggestions for developing powerful lasting motivation and self-confidence. The suggestions of motivation go down deeply into you mind, experience a great change of motivation in anyway you can imagine. Enjoy your newfound motivation!

# Stop Smoking
Once you made the decision to stop smoking hypnotherapy helps you to get through that initial difficult period.
Guided into a state of complete mental and physical relaxation, your mind will free you from the smoking habit and your desire to remain a non smoker forever. When you stop smoking the positive suggestions will make you feel even more determined to keep fit and remain healthy.

# Stress Control
Suitable for people who are living a stressful life and get easily angry and upset
Imagine or picture a state of mind where all that of stress that you experience now are pulled away from your mind and body. You feel your body becoming lighter, floating drifting feeling wonderful giving you the relief that you so deserve

# Sleep Soundly
Ideal for people who have trouble falling asleep. Lie back relax and listen to a warm soothing voice and the soft music and you will soon drift into a deep relaxing sleep.
# Increase Self-Confidence
Eliminate self doubt. Get encouragement and increase self confidence Feel your self confidence grow every time you listen to this powerful CD. After being guided into a deeply relaxed and receptive state absorb the post hypnotic suggestions for developing powerful lasting self-confidence. The suggestions of self-confidence go down deeply into you mind, experience a great change of self-confidence in anyway you can imagine. Enjoy your newfound confidence!

# Attracting people to you
Be attracted to the right kind of people.
Be in a relationship that has the potential to last. You really want love in your life. Wouldn't it be exciting accept love into your life in a natural and spontaneous way?

# Confident Public Speaking
Feel encouraged and confident when speaking in public.
Enjoy the success and recognition from becoming a powerful and confident speaker. Imagine the rewards. Hypnotic suggestions will offer your sub-conscious mind the power and confidence to express yourself.

# Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination relates to an embedded fear or non-positive belief about yourself
Imagine enjoying the feeling of accomplishment ... The time is NOW and the opportunity is HERE. Take control of your life!

# Alleviate Anxiety
Great for people who suffer from low self esteem and anxieties
Imagine that you feel calm and serene in an instant. How would you enjoy this control? What about the people you love and care - would they benefit?

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No technique, process, idea, concept, or advice is given here with the intent of replacing qualified medical or psychiatric care. Offerings in this website are based upon services provided by this practice which includes EFT, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Life Coaching, primarily to clients seeking to make significant life changes in a short amount of time. Clients regularly report conditions such as anxiety, depression and generalized stress that tend to respond favorably to the processes used.
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