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Making the Mind - Body Connection
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Having a Life coach is like having someone "running alongside you" in life, giving you the extra input and insights that can really make a difference in your life. 

After Hours and Weekend Appointments

Need a confidential heart to heart talk?
Lacking self esteem or confidence?
Want to find a life partner?
Need that extra courage to get on with your life?
Need to feel good about yourself?
Want more from a relationship than most people settle for?
Need the courage to try something different?
Need guidance to overcome negative circumstances?

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Would you like someone to INSPIRE you and CHALLENGE you into ACTION?
Working on a new Project?
Than Coaching
is just what you need!


Need someone to believe in you and encourage you?
Need to see things from different perspectives?
Need to set your sights on new horizons?
Need assistance to set goals?
Need valuable feedback?

Discover your: Wants, Needs, Values, Dreams, Purpose, Gifts, Desires, Talents
The good news is THAT is what Personal Coaching is all about!

Lifecoaching is all about having someone believe in you and encourage you, about getting valuable feedback, about seeing things from new perspectives and setting your sights on new horizons. One on one coaching is designed to add value and assist in balancing all areas of your life - Self, Relationships, Work, Business, Financial, Leisure, Health.
A Lifecoach or Personal coach inspires and challenges you into action and assist you to set goals...
Perhaps you know exactly what you want but up until now have not taken those final steps…..
Perhaps you are looking for some help to keep certain areas of your life in balance so that you are able to make the most of opportunities as they arise!

Personal coaching can be the most empowering experience you will have. It can bring lasting results, focus and most of all, meaning to your life.
It may well be the best decision you have ever made....!!!

Questions for you.... How would it feel if you had someone to believe in your dreams and assist you to achieve them? What dreams or ideas have you had in the past that you have let slide by, then regretted it later?
What would you most wish to achieve in your life that money can't buy?
Isn't it time to take action and decide HOW you want your life to be from now on?

Coaching Approach/Philosophy
My passion is to inspire others to see what is possible for their lives and support, encourage, to create strategies and to achieve them.
I want to work with the people who are ready to take action and make the decision to transform these ideas & dreams into reality
As your Lifecoach, I am 100% committed to encouraging and assisting you to set goals and inspire and challenge you into action. Whatever your experience, personality, lifestyle or issues, I can help you to focus your dreams and aspirations and act on them.
If you value yourself enough to INVEST in YOUR LIFE, please call me to book your FREE session to arrange a suitable time
or call me on 040207 4954 for day or evening appointments

No technique, process, idea, concept, or advice is given here with the intent of replacing qualified medical or psychiatric care. Offerings in this website are based upon services provided by this practice which includes EFT, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Life Coaching, primarily to clients seeking to make significant life changes in a short amount of time. Clients regularly report conditions such as anxiety, depression and generalized stress that tend to respond favorably to the processes used.

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